Learning About Vehicle Maintenance

Learning About Vehicle Maintenance

3 Reasons Your Car Barely Starts On Cold Winter Mornings

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As the warm weather fades when winter begins setting in, you should not be surprised if you are having trouble getting your car started in the morning. Cold weather can take a toll on automobiles, and this can make it difficult to get your car started. This problem is quite common; however, you might be able to fix it by making a few minor repairs to your car. Here are three reasons your car might be experiencing problems starting in cold weather and some tips for fixing the problems.

Engine Oil Is Thick

Engine oil is a liquid material, and it tends to thicken when it gets cold. When oil is thick, it is harder for it to circulate through your engine. Because of this, your car might experience problems starting when it is cold. As soon as you get the car started, the engine will begin warming up, and this will cause the oil to warm up. When the oil gets warmer, your car will probably run fine and start fine.

To compensate for this common problem, you should make sure your engine oil is clean. Getting an oil change every 3,000 miles will ensure that your car has clean oil. Clean oil is generally thinner than old, used oil, so you should keep up with your oil changes.

You may also want to ask for 5W-30 engine oil for the winter months. This oil is slightly thinner than 10W-40 and holds up well in the winter. Lower-numbered oil is typically better during the winter months, while higher-numbered oil is better for hot, summer months.

Coolant Level Is Low

The coolant in your radiator is used to keep the engine parts from freezing when it is cold outside. If your coolant level is low or weak, the cold weather might cause the antifreeze to freeze. If this happens, it can cause the engine to freeze, which would make it harder for you to start your car.

To prevent this, you should have a car repair shop check your antifreeze level. If it is low, they can add more coolant to the reservoir. They may also suggest replacing the radiator cap if it appears bad, because this can often be the source of leaking coolant.

If there is plenty of coolant in the tank, you may want to have it tested. When it is tested, the reading should be 35 degrees below zero. This would mean that the coolant is strong enough not to freeze in the winter. If it tests to a higher temperature, the repair shop may want to empty the fluid and replace it with new fluid.

Battery Is Getting Weak

The third reason your car may have trouble starting when it is cold is due to a weak battery. Car batteries generally last up to four years. Over time they lose charge, and this is a common cause of car problems. The battery in your car provides electrical charges to the components in your engine. If the battery is weak, it will have trouble doing this.

When a battery is fully charged, it will typically have a voltage of 12.7 to 13.2. When it is charged only 50%, it will have a voltage of around 12.2. If an auto repair shop tests your battery, they will be able to determine if it is weak. If it is, they can replace it with a new one.

If your car is acting up when it is cold outside, you should have a car repair shop look at it. They may discover the problems are caused by one of the reasons here, or they might find another problem. For more information, contact a business such as Jensen Tire & Auto.


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