Learning About Vehicle Maintenance

Learning About Vehicle Maintenance

  • Why You Should Wash Your Car At A Car Wash (Instead Of At Home)

    When many people think about washing their cars, they think about parking them in the driveway or yard and breaking out the water hose and bucket. However, even if you have always washed your car at home, you might find that taking it to a car wash is a smarter idea. These are a few reasons why. Ensure You Have Plenty of Room to Work If you have a small yard, then you might not have a lot of extra space for parking your car, dragging out the necessary supplies for washing your car, and then actually moving around and washing your vehicle.

  • 3 Reasons Why Windshield Repairs Are Important

    One thing about owning a vehicle is the fact that some form of damage is often inevitable and the windshield is no exception. Whether it's a rock that hits the glass, a weather-related crack or some other mishap – things happen all the time. However, what's more important is that you make repairs to your windshield promptly. Here are just some of the reasons why this step is so important.

  • What You'll Want To Know Before Removing Your Diesel Particulate Filter

    Over the past few years, diesel particulate filters have become a common fixture in most diesel trucks. Along with selective catalytic reduction (SCR), DPF technology is targeted towards reducing particulates and nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions. However, the prospect of reduced performance and fuel economy has driven many diesel truck owners to remove their DPF systems entirely. Before you decide to remove your diesel truck's DPF system, it's important to learn about the potential pitfalls involved in making your ride DPF-free.

  • 3 Reasons Your Car Barely Starts On Cold Winter Mornings

    As the warm weather fades when winter begins setting in, you should not be surprised if you are having trouble getting your car started in the morning. Cold weather can take a toll on automobiles, and this can make it difficult to get your car started. This problem is quite common; however, you might be able to fix it by making a few minor repairs to your car. Here are three reasons your car might be experiencing problems starting in cold weather and some tips for fixing the problems.

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